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day #1 [Oct. 19th, 2006|01:56 pm]
Word-A-Day Akkadian


Okay, we're going to start this off easy, because if this is not easy I doubt I will keep it up, and so far it's only for me so I can't be embarrassed by not being as cool as the sumerian chick, who posts cuneiform pictures and everything. Here, right now, it is straight transliterated vocabulary. (My excuse is that a) I am only an undergraduate and my cuneiform is not very good yet, b) I am hugely busy, and c) I am hugely lazy.)

So, today's word is:


Ummum means mother; it shows up in Arabic as um, plus whichever case ending you desire, and probably in other Semitic languages that I don't know. I think it's cool because it just looks/sounds very visceral and earthy to me. So there you go. Akkadian word for Thursday, October 19, 2006: ummum.

From: mariebeausoleil
2008-12-01 09:13 pm (UTC)
Did Akkadian have the tradition of calling a woman by the name of her oldest son? Ie., Mother of Dudu?

If so, how would this be formatted? Would it be Ummum-Dudu?
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[User Picture]From: frostfire_17
2008-12-01 10:14 pm (UTC)
Hmmm...I'm not actually sure if that was an Akkadian practice--there's 2000 years and several distinct cultures, so it's difficult to say, and I am by no means an expert--but I can tell you that if they were going to do something like that, the name/title would be Ummi-Dudu (or Ummi-whoever); "ummum" is in the so-called status constructus, or construct state, which is a form that nouns take before a genitive.

Hope that's helpful!
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From: mariebeausoleil
2008-12-01 10:18 pm (UTC)
Well, I'm thinking about 2000 BCE in Northern Mesopotamia, around Harran. Most of the information I find pertains to southern Mesopotamia, so I'm guessing about a lot of stuff.

Thank you so very much. I'll be watching your Akkadian word of the day to find more stuff for my novel. :D
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